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Printed media

The heart of the book holdings - encompassing approximately 2000 titles - is  the private library of Stephan Kuttner, including parts of the libraries of Friedrich Heyer and other scholars. 
An electronic catalogue of these holdings can be accessed thanks to the help of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica via the following link:


Access is also available to an electronic catalogue of additional holdings, approximately 15.000 offprints published after 1945 from the collection of Stephan Kuttner,  Access to Stephan Kuttner's scholarly correspondence  is limited, however. Also available are resources from the scholary estate of Shafer Williams as well as copies of various manuscripts of twelfth-century decretal collections from the estate of Walther Holtzmann.

Of course visitors of the Stephan Kuttner Institute may also make use of the holdings available at the Leopold-Wenger-Institute situated in the same building. Please follow the Library link of the Leopold-Wenger-Institute, department B. for the history of the collections.




A key resource for source research is the institute's microfilm collection. At present, the user can take advantage of approximately 670 medieval canonical manuscripts on 900 microfilms in a 35mm format. The Institute also has, from the estate of Gérard Fransen, a number of microfilm-copies of canonical manuscripts. Additionally, there is the easily accessible collection of the Bavarian-German department "B" of the Leopold-Wenger-Institute - a total of more than 1000 manuscripts. In exceptional circumstances, these films can be borrowed for remote off-site use. Also, the Roman Law manuscripts of the Ancient Law Department  "A" of the Leopold-Wenger-Institute  found in the cataloque are available in the same building..



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