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  • Stephan Kuttner Institute of Medieval Canon Law


PD Dr. phil. Lotte Kéry


Focus of Research:

  • Medieval ecclesiastical history and history of ideas 

  • Political History of Ideas

  • Medieval Canon Law focusing, on ecclesiastical criminal law 

  • French History of the  Middle Ages 


1995-2000 Research scholar at the Institute, within the framework of the DFG-Project "The Formation of Public Criminal Law", Sub-project: "The ecclesiastical basis of public criminal law in the classic time of Canon Law from 1140-1234 on the basis of the sources of scholarly law" 

2001-2 sponsored by the Gerda-Henkel-Foundation

WS 2004/5 visting professor during the sabbatical of Prof. Dr. Theo Kölzer (Historisches Seminar der rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Bonn, Abt. Hist. Hilfswissenschaften und Archivkunde)